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The Advanced Insurance Brokerage division provides access and support of 30+ insurance carriers to Brokerage and Affiliate Partners.


Advanced Insurance Brokerage has two levels of service: Brokerage & Affiliate Partners.


Depending on the level of service, AIB will provide consulting, quoting, processing and underwriting support.



Insurance products have evolved to include various investments and or investment linked

cash value options. These insurance products include: Equity Indexed Universal Life, Equity Indexed Fixed Annuities, Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities.


All products have one to several optional riders that can be added to these base policies. These riders has increased expenses that are paid for, by the policy performance. Many of these riders, will increase the policy expenses.


The Advanced Insurance Brokerage division, consults with the Advisor Group affiliate regarding the overall carrier benefit & expenses. 



The Advanced Capital & Investments division provides investment research services to Brokerage and Affiliate Partners.


ACI provides comprehensive and specific investment services that go beyond, base product specifications.


With many products having underlying investment related options, ACI provides an in depth level of product capabilities or options. 



With the performance of the policy being the driving force, Advanced Capital & Investments

will provided the added insight into a policy's available investment options. This is provided intuitionally and can be ongoing. The length of support is dependent on the type of relationship with The Advanced Group.


The Advanced Group can also provide an review of existing or established insurance policies. The comprehensive Policy Review service of either division, is also available. This is dependent on, the policy type and affiliate relationship.  

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