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Trading Sessions 


Prior to the start of PTG (Private Trading Group), MAZing “TradingView Author” would post Daily Forecasts with intraday updates/trades/commentary. MAZing developed over 900 followers within a 3 year/500 post period and ranked as one of TV’s Top Authors (Current #1 and All Time #4). MAZing was the only author that provided real-time trading session updates, trade calls and forecasts over a multiple year period or 500 days.  


April/2023 and moving forward, trading sessions will be live through PTG by membership only. From time-to-time MAZing will post some key TV Posts for its remaining TV Followers. PTG Active Session recaps will be hosted here. These recap is available to either a Basic or PTG site member.  


The prior sessions are actual session results and are the best way to get familiar with the various moving parts of the MAZing system/process. IDS Charting is the primary chart used for trade set ups or calls. The 30 minutes are secondary, used as a general overview of market structure with “Open Range”.  


All forecasts are for the NQ Futures Contract only. All are daily with some weekly or Quarterly extensions.  

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