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Funded Trader Programs

There are multiple firms that offer Funded Trader programs. These programs will have you simulate with there risk profiles, once you pass you get funded. They do have a cost ($100-350) depending on profit goal and risk allowance. When you pass, you keep 70-90% of your profit. 

In my opinion the beginning trader is better off paying the fee and risking the cost as compared to risking the loss of capital. The monthly cost of a program could be broken down to 10-20 ticks a month. The PTG monthly membership is 12.5 ticks a month. The trader that can net 20-30 ticks a month will break even and any ticks above is profit.


Simply search "Funded Trader" in a search engine and review these firms/programs. Next, review the 500 plus TV post of Daily Forecasts" and the Active Session Recaps of PTG and do the math. If you see that the monthly totals are above 20-30 ticks then all costs are covered. This would break down to 1-2 ticks a day.


Should you want or need any insight, let me know and I can help with these various programs. Some will be better than other with their Daily, Weekly Drawdowns and Profit Targets. 

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