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Free Trial & Next Step 


We are all looking for Maximum results with the Least amount of effort, in trading that does not exist. This is why 90% of traders do not make a profit. Of the 10% that do, only half make enough profit to call it a living. Should you find a system, service, firm, AI or others that can produce (consistently), let me know and I will jump on that.  


As you review the prior posts, keep the following in mind: 

The NQ (NAZ) generally will produce 200-300 intraday points per day. This will include pull backs, retracements, tests/retests, whipsaw and such. The 200-300 is based on major moves and does not include minor moves that are within these major moves. The NQ Mini will earn $2,000 per 100 points, per contract. A 100-point day with 3 contracts would be a daily profit of $6,000.   


Keep the above reference in mind as you review the daily posts. Each Post will have an Arrow Radio button that will play out each day. This will compare to the Yellow Arrow (Forecast). You can review comments of each Post, should the Forecast not align with price action.  


Membership Types & Descriptions



  • No charge

  • Prior Active Session & PTG Recap

  • Access to MAZing Members' Community.

  • TradingView (free subscription) Link to MAZing TV Homepage

  • First Call with TV released Daily/Special Forecasts 


Private Trading Group (PTG Membership) 

  • Basic services, plus

  • Pre Open Session - MAZing Daily Forecast (Long, Short, Range or Targets)

  • Daily Access to Live Chat/Alert Active Session (Intraday Price Action)

    • Available via Microsft Teams, Commentary & Chat communication or interaction.  

    • MAZing Alerts/Calls & PTG Membership on Microsoft Teams.


Monthly subscription fee is charged after the 7-day Free Trial period.  (link)

Recurring, monthly until cancelled by member.

The PTG membership will provide 1 personal "one on one" training session of the MAZing System / Site / Process.

Session/meeting via Microsoft Teams Screenshare with live audio or conversation. No chat, text or email. A real live person.   


Note: The PTG monthly fee will have a monthly breakeven of 12.5 points. The 7-day Free Trial may provide gains that can the cover the 1st month's or even 1st year's subscription. Keep this in mind as you review daily prior Post's on TradingView. 

Private Trading Group (PTG Advanced) 

  • Basic services & PTG Membership, plus

  • Pre Open Session - Daily review of Daily Forecast and Chart set up.

  • Access to Live Voice with Screen sharing Pre Open session. 30 minute review session.

  • Access to Live Voice with Screen sharing Post Close session. 30 minute review session.

  • Chart set up assistance of both TradingView & Ninja Software. Both have a free version.   



Monthly subscription fee is charged after the 14-day Free Trial period.  (link)

Recurring, monthly until cancelled by member.

The PTG Advanced is designed to provide expanded coaching/training to the subscriber. The subscriber may plan to reduce the subscription from PTG Advanced to PTG Membership after 1-3 months. The added insight of  PTG Advanced, will reduce the learning curve of how to trade the NQ with the IDS & Ninja intraday charting systems.     

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