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MAZing Daily Forecast | Firm & Affiliate Programs

There two types of enterprise discount programs that are available at the firm level. These are available to Proprietary Trading and Funded Trader Firms.

The MAZing/Firm arrangement is tailored to the needs of each firm. Examples below:

  • Firm lack of Coach or Daily Forecast & Intraday trade calls (Entry, Target & Exit)

  • Recruit retention/funding. The number of traders that have failed (but had potential) in prior months, these may be a good fit and open the the combination service.

  • Part time traders that are looking for a set up (Alert) service or can only trade part time. 

MAZing is also open to a reverse affiliate credit. This may be an option when the Firm offers an Affiliate Program (commission) to the Affiliate (MAZing). The Firm's commission can be used to offer a deeper discount to the Trader. As mentioned, we can be very creative with how the MAZing/Firm arrangement can be set up with the goal of generating consistent trading profits.

If you represent a Firm and would like to discuss a potential arrangement/relationship, fill out the form below or email:


Firm Discount Request

We will contact you to tailor a Discount at the Firm level.

Thanks for submitting!

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