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MAZing Tradingview screenshots of various systems/charts.

You can view these at: MAZing TV Homepage Over 500 detailed Trading Sessions are stored here.


Color coded intraday Trading Time Zones. Overnight, 1st 15 minutes of Open/Regular Session, 2nd 15m of Open, 2nd half hour of 1st hour, Dead Zone is time from end of 1st hour to the final hour and the Final Hour. Tradingview post that explains price action in various trading time zones (TTZ's) Trading Time Zone explanation


IDS20, Yellow arrow Short and White Long. IDS20 is a 20 Range Bar chart, White bars are Long and Red are Short. Below moving average line on chart and red bars is short, white is Long above white MA. Scalp trades and set ups are reliable with IDS20. Short Forecast TV 

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